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How to Choose a Healthy Betta

Hello! I started this betta blog Jan. canada goose outlet legit 21st, 2013. This blog was inspired by a canada goose outlet uk fake red veiltail betta I owned canada goose parka outlet named Ianto Jones canada goose outlet uk sale (after a character from the BBC series, «Torchwood»).Here, you’ll mostly find posts canada goose outlet buffalo about bettas, as well as other animal related posts. Now and again, I also share non animal posts, such as resources canada goose outlet toronto address for mental health, canada goose outlet canada in case they may help followers/friends.Please see MY PAGES below for my betta care articles. I highly recommend reading them first before sending me any asks.DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian just someone that canada goose outlet england is canada goose outlet winnipeg passionate about fishkeeping. The information that I provide canada goose outlet factory is through my own experience, the experience of other fishkeepers, and plenty canada goose outlet phone number of research. Always do your own research as well canada goose outlet online store by checking with a canada goose discount uk number canada goose outlet mall of sources. I can’t stress this enough my content is just one source.Also, please be careful when messaging me time sensitive questions. canada goose outlet hong kong I may not be around canada goose outlet jackets to answer canada goose outlet ottawa them!Ask Me Anything!Submit here!Getting canada goose outlet nyc a new pet betta? Don canada goose outlet usa forget to make sure it healthy!Bettas (also known as Siamese fighting fish) are tropical fish with various personalities. It is not hard canada goose jacket outlet sale to fall in love with a https://www.canadagooseoutletmall.com betta once you have been in its presence for more than a few minutes.For many people, canada goose outlet eu going to the pet store is the first choice for bringing home a canada goose outlet online store review new betta, and especially if they are first time owners. However, because pet stores do not often provide ideal living conditions for bettas, you have to know how to identify healthy fish to help potentially save money on medication and prevent heartache.To help make the task easier, here are 7 tips on canada goose uk how to choose a healthy betta:1. When looking at the containers, the water should be canada goose jacket outlet uk clear with no uneaten food present. You should also take note of any foul odours because they could indicate unhealthy conditions.2.When choosing a betta, look for bright colours since it is a helpful indicator of health. canada goose clothing uk However, you must also keep canada goose coats uk in mind that some pale coloured patterns may simply be the last bit of colour filling in or possible marbling. There are also colour types, such as the cambodian or piebald, that are peach or fleshy in appearance.It also important to know that stress causes colour loss as well, so you will need to give your fish a chance to settle into its new home and regain its colour.While you canada goose outlet store toronto may be initially attracted to canada goose kensington parka uk a betta stripes horizontal canada goose outlet belgium stripes are a sign of distress. A canada goose outlet kokemuksia healthy and thriving betta does not show stress stripes. Stress stripes run horizontally along the fish body. In fish with dark colours, the stripes are hard to see. However, you can still see the stripe passing through their canada goose outlet mall eyes as well, so familiarize yourself with what your betta eyes look like normally. Fortunately, the stripes typically go away when the new fish is relocated canada goose outlet in vancouver to better living conditions.3. A betta fins may be damaged from:Tail biting (a common habit that develops in long tailed fish that are stressed).Being housed with schooling fish that nip fins (a common sight in many pet stores).If the fins are damaged and water quality is poor, the betta will be more likely to develop bacterial infections, such as fin rot (often identified by raggedy fins or blackened tissue). Additionally, you may want to be wary of fish that have clamped fins because it could indicate illness or poor water conditions. However, it canada goose outlet michigan can also indicate that the fish is simply cold, so a new canada goose outlet paypal and heated environment can canada goose outlet uk often perk a clamp finned fish right back up again.4. If one or canada goose outlet montreal both of the gills are not closing properly, the betta may have inflamed gills. Oftentimes, you will see red marks around the gills when they canada goose outlet store uk are inflamed. Also, you should check that the fish is canada goose outlet new york not gasping for air.5. However, here are some key things to watch out for when checking over the body that can indicate illness:Lumps and bumps (possible indicators of tumours and ulcers).Missing canada goose outlet website legit scales canada goose outlet germany (physical injury).A sprinkled salt appearance (an indicator of a highly contagious parasitic disease known as ick/ich/white spot).Fuzzy white patches (an indicator of a fungus infection or columnaris, a bacterial infection).A fine gold dust coat (an indicator of a parasitic disease known as velvet). However, velvet is difficult ti diagnose because the gold is only visible under a bright and direct light. A betta canada goose outlet london natural iridescence can sometimes be mistaken as velvet as well.

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