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The Silver and Black will then host the Packers for their third preseason game, the third time since 2014 that the Packers and Raiders will play in the preseason. Oakland will finish up its preseason slate against the Seattle Seahawks for the 13th straight season. Nine of those 13 games to close the preseason have come in Seattle, but this will be the first time since 2015 that the Raiders have finished up the preseason at the Seahawks..

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uk canada goose Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics6. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder7. Kristaps Porzingis, New York Knicks8. Facebook twitter google+ emailExclusively canada goose jacket outlet for retail customers, the brandpromises that the extra features onthe new Premium Sprinterwill add toits’comfort, functionalityandappearance’.There are a whole host of additional featuresthat all come as standard,including aBecker MAP PILOT sat navthat fully integrates in the vehicle electronics system,anAudio 15colourscreen infotainment unit, and a chrome effect radiator grille.The Premium Sprinter will also have Crosswind Assist as standard, that will help the driver in strong, gusty winds. This provides an Adaptive ESP dynamic control system that incorporates information on the vehicle load, automatic brake interventions and Rescue canada goose outlet london uk Assist, which provides the emergency services with critical information at the scene of an accident.This special edition is available for 2 Series (3.5t GVW) panel van models across all engines, starting canada goose clothing uk from 379/month (over 48 months, for Business Users only). There is alsofreeMobiloVan30 year free roadside assistance across the UK and Europe,as well asthree year unlimitedmileagewarranty uk canada goose.

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