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Creationism and Tyranny

canada goose coats We touched on this subject in several earlier posts. Today we gathering much of that into one convenient place, so we can canada goose outlet usa easily refer to it when necessary. This is going to be one of our weekend political rants, so feel free to ignore it. canada goose coats

Your typical, walking around, everyday creationist has no idea about the consequences of his belief system. He probably imagines that it pure niceness, and it will assure him a canada goose shop uk happy afterlife. How wonderful that must be for him. But by definition, the typical creationist knows nothing. The leaders of today creationist movement, on the other hand, have very different ideas. This is a big problem for creationists whose views are exactly the opposite, hence their fanatical opposition to science.

canada goose uk outlet The results of the Enlightenment were a civilization based on reason, liberty, science, and free enterprise all of which were manifest in the American Revolution and Constitution. Most people were delighted but not all people. The clash between those who praise and those who oppose the Enlightenment is the engine that canada goose outlet store new york drives most of the canada goose outlet paypal political and cultural unrest in the modern world. It definitely at the core of the modern creationist movement, even if their followers are (and always will be) canada goose outlet 80 off clueless. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Jackets The creationists are on the wrong side of history their movement today is literally a counter revolution against the Enlightenment and that why we oppose them. For the same canada goose outlet london reason, we also oppose Marxists, fascists, and theocrats of every variety. Although here we mostly talk about creationism, it just one aspect of a much greater struggle. In The Infinite Evil canada goose outlet hong kong of Creationism we said: Canada Goose Jackets

uk canada goose Creationism is being used as the front for a coordinated, multi pronged assault on every worthy human accomplishment. It provides a handy base of exploitable ignorance, which is manipulated to wage a deliberate and relentless campaign against reason itself and reason is the fountainhead of everything that makes human life worth living. uk canada goose

canada goose In the US, today creationists are largely but not exclusively found in the Republican party. That wasn always the case (see Creationism and American Politics). A generation ago, creationists were mostly Democrats, and like their hero, William Jennings Bryan, they weren conservative at all. They were progressives, and they were the heart of the Democrat party which still retains those views. canada goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap That was the situation until Richard Nixon southern strategy, which brought the South into the Republican party, which has now inherited a large part the William canada goose outlet price Jennings Bryan constituency, along with Bryan creationism, populism, progressivism, and his anti intellectualism. They are not friends of liberty or the Enlightenment. It is no longer the Republican party of Barry Goldwater, for which your Curmudgeon is nostalgic. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose Today Social Conservatives, a large part of the Republican base, tend to be very close canada goose outlet nyc to Bryan in their thinking, although they somehow manage to retain at least superficially the old Republican beliefs in a canada goose outlet store montreal small central government. But canada goose outlet uk sale that mostly ceremonial. In practice, they don seem to take those ideas very seriously. It canada goose outlet canada difficult to imagine what men like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin or Goldwater would have in common with such people. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale Today Democrats, although they canada goose outlet trillium parka black no longer espouse creationism as a political goal, have not abandoned Bryan progressivism and populism. canada goose parka outlet Indeed, having been freed from concerns about ever again winning the South, they seem to have moved even more toward the left. But we shouldn overlook the obvious similarities between an intelligent designer of the biosphere and canada goose discount uk an all powerful (but loving and benevolent) state that plans and controls the economy. In that sense, both American political parties are creationists. The Democrats, at least superficially, favor evolution, but somehow it been forgotten that Darwin was raised on and his canada goose jacket outlet toronto theory is consistent with Adam Smith’s ideas about free enterprise. Canada Goose sale

canada goose uk shop So we have a modern paradox. They aren’t conservative, of course not in the Enlightenment sense and the only way they can harmonize their theocratic vision with America’s Enlightenment inspired Revolution is by revising history so that the beliefs of the Founders are distorted beyond recognition. That the reason for so much of the revisionist history we see, for example: Discovery Institute: Usurping the Fourth of July. They’re all eager to be tyrants, and if the principles of the Enlightenment are abandoned, it doesn’t really matter to the citizen what his masters ruling canada goose outlet florida doctrine is. canada goose uk shop

canada goose black friday sale Okay, this little essay is wandering all over the place, so we have to end it here. We still focused on creationism, but we should never forget that it only part of a much larger, far more important struggle. And it not one that we can be certain of winning. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet Today Democrats, although they no longer espouse creationism as a political goal, have not abandoned Bryan progressivism and populism. Indeed, having been freed from concerns about ever again winning the South, they seem to have moved even more toward the left. But we shouldn overlook the obvious similarities between an intelligent designer of the biosphere and an all powerful (but loving and benevolent) state that plans and controls the economy. In that sense, both American political parties are creationists. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose store I think Curmy (and Robert M. Price, another atheist Rightie I familiar with) do some great things in opposition to the scourge of American scriptural literalist/Dominionist/revisionist history fundy knotheads, but the two of you should wean yourselves from FOX. Or wherever it is you come up with your similar political/social revisionist to this move goose outlet canada to the left by progressives you claim occurred, 1972 was canada goose outlet seattle the first election I was legally eligible to vote in. I was a slightly leftist Dem that year. I have not encountered canada goose outlet vip any new evidence canada goose outlet belgium since than that persuades me to change my views on economics/social policy/contraception/sex ed/family planning/abortion, etc. I not sure any position I held in 1972 has changed, in either direction, canada goose outlet uk fake because over 40 years of observation and life experience has not resulted in significant contradictions to reasoned positions I arrived at as a college student. (I was a poli sci major then, and an Oklahoma US Senator (R) would legislate the evidence a poli sci major is privy to, but in my case it is too late for that particular totalitarian control to change anything about me.) canada goose store

cheap canada goose uk Over the ensuing 40+ years I see how the countries who currently lead the canada goose outlet near me world in so many economical and social categories retain economic/social policies abandoned by America beginning in the middle of the 70 and how the US has plummeted precipitously from the top in so many of those economic/social categories we once established canada goose outlet in montreal world standards for. cheap canada goose uk

uk canadagooseoutleta canada goose outlet It is not difficult, Curm, to locate poll data that shows that Democratic voters have mostly held their positions on issues relative to 1972 except in instances where there has been a shift to the right by too many lax principled weasels (particularly at the Party national leadership level). uk canada goose outlet

buy canada goose jacket The same polls show an enormous shift by the center of the GOP to the right. Far, far to the right. I was explaining this recently to a friend as we rode in the car he drove down the road. I extended both arms straight in front of my face, thumbs touching directly in front of my nose. Those thumbs, I said, are where the center of each party met in 1972, and the little fingers of each hand are where nutjob extremists were; I was at canada goose outlet online reviews about the middle finger on my left hand then. The two party canada goose outlet winnipeg had clear and distinct differences, but much common ground, too. Think environmentalism and social policy. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka though, I said, left hand (representing Democrats) has moved to the right a couple of finger widths. I swung my right canada goose outlet michigan arm from in front of me 60 degres in the direction of the passenger door. way the hell over here is where the bulk of the GOP has let itself be dragged by Austrian/Chicago School economic policy, Ayn Rand amorality, Koch Birchian paranoia, and the sinister alliance all of that formed with Christian fundy canada goose outlet online uk fanaticism. Because that group of born followers the Christian fundies revolted by human sexuality and its outcomes was a ready, willing, and able voting block vitally necessary to neofeudal capitalists to achieve Corporatist ambitions for economic dominance. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose factory sale could care less about the societal havoc that ensues from empowering the theocratic mass too willfully ignorant to recognize they are voting against their own best economic interests, canada goose outlet montreal because they the corporatists know the wealth they acquired over the past 3 decades insulates them from experiencing most if not all political outcomes the theocrats manage to achieve. And it won be the theists. comment > canada goose factory sale

canadian goose jacket The best governance is when we have a split house and senate, or congress and president, such that legislation requires negotiation and compromise between canada goose outlet online the two parties. Usually, a middle path will emerge that makes sense. Both parties have their extremists, but they generally have good ideas too, and the grown ups can sort them out. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Of course, that the ideal, and one that has worked over much of our history. Today, not so much. I think the fix is to (1) revamp the primary system to expand the number of people voting, and thereby lessen the influence of the die hard extremists and single issue voters, (2) ban all political adds not placed by the campaigns themselves, (3) restrict campaign donations to individuals only, and (4) set canada goose kensington parka uk national standards for canada goose factory outlet voting for national office (hours, canada goose outlet methods etc), and (5) create sufficient polling places to capture a high percentage of the populace. This way special interests, extreme views, etc. will not have the extraordinary influence they currently exert over elections. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Online None of that will ever happen, except maybe revising the primary process. It nice to dream though. Canada Goose Online

canada goose clearance Yes, enlightenment is what needs to support our society, unfortunately, the creationists have set up camp in the GOP. And so have the climate change deniers, and those who believe in big hand economics. Its ended up being a collection of deniers of all canada goose outlet toronto address sorts, right down canada goose outlet london uk to Karl Rove canada goose outlet edmonton denying that Obama could have won Ohio. Not canada goose outlet black friday sale a lot of enlightenment there. Fiscal and social conservatives can count as enlightened, but they are drowned out by these ideological extremists. canada goose clearance

canada goose clearance sale The thing is, these extremists project their way of thinking onto the left the same way creationists call evolution a belief system or religion. And the only way to make this work is that there must be a conspiracy afoot, making them all the nuttier. Climate change must be a conspiracy of scientists to sell more Chevy Volts for their King Obama, or something like that. And that conspiracy becomes their enemy, and they don really focus on the facts at all. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose uk black friday Meanwhile, on the left, we don see conspiracy in the behavior of those far righties, just stupidity and stubbornness. That why there is no successful canada goose outlet real Media Matters or Right Wing Watch that focuses on the left. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose coats on sale Its going to be an interesting year to see if the GOP can survive to be a tool of the canada goose outlet boston people again, not factless ideologues. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose online anevilmeme: All candidates for office, federal, state or local must show a minimum proficiency at math and science and have a clear understanding of the scientific method as qualifications to run for office. well and canada goose outlet locations in toronto good, but who gets to decide what the minimum level of proficiency should be, canada goose clothing uk and whether a particular candidate meets it Canada Goose online.

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