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‘They deserve to hear it from me in person. It has to be me there and so they can sincerity. They wouldn’t be able to see it through a letter or a phone call. When healthy, Foster is one of the elite running backs in the NFL, which has made him such a popular fantasy football target over the years.The supposed replacement for Lamar Miller, who signed with the Houston Texans during the offseason, Foster rushed for nine yards on three carries in Week 2 before the injury. In Week 1 against the Seattle Seahawks, he ran for 38 yards on 13 carries, though he added 62 yards on three receptions.Miller’s backup last season, Jay Ajayi, began the preseason competing for the starting spot given Foster’s inability to stay on the field.Now that Foster is out, Ajayi will be the one to take over in Miami while he recovers, creating a new predicament for fantasy owners that are looking for help at the running back position.Ajayi hasn’t had much time in the league to prove that he could be a valuable addition on fantasy rosters. Last season, he rushed 49 times for 187 yards and a touchdown.

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