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canada goose uk black friday Sometime the first impression is the right one. Is it what you call love at first sight? In canada goose jacket outlet Moriya Akane case, i absolutely didn noticed her when Nogi sister group hold their first press conference. Not someone who stun you with their beauty like Shirashi Mai, or would give this cuteness vibe like Nakai Rika from NGT48. But Moriya Akane, Akanen, has unveiled herself as one of the fiercest, most well rounded character in Keyakizaka46. Her lean figure canada goose outlet las vegas bloomed like a rose and her hate of losing is sharp, like thorns. She is the blade of Keyakizaka. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose coats There has been many hints of Akanen trait. First, in Keyakitte, Kakenai video introduction, she proudly shows off her tennis awards and certificates. In her history (my story), she shows her old video winning a judo battle against a girl bigger her size. This girl likes to win. But was it always like that? Well not really, in a recent BUBKA interview, she said at first she wasn particulary mad at losing, but she changed when entering Keyakizaka. canada goose coats

canada goose coats on sale Akanen was 17 when passing Keyakizaka audition, and as every japanese highschooler, she had to make a choice after graduation. It was a tough decision canada goose coats between going to the audition or going to college. While her family and friends were concerned of canada goose outlet in toronto her choice, she didn goose outlet canada wavered and took Keyakizaka audition. canada goose outlet uk Since there was so much at stake, she was determined to give it her all as a member, thus explaining her to lose character. She also started to be self aware of her apparence and professionnal attitude, learning make up or how to appeal to fan (she already knew her catchphrase). At the very debut of Silent majority, people noticed her change. give me a strong feeling they said. Exactly, for akanen, it wasn canada goose outlet 2015 college activities. are kind of scary are S, are you?(sadistic) a tryhard fisher Akanen realized that being sharp canada goose outlet paypal was a double edged sword, that canada goose outlet store uk would put some fans off because she would look unproachable. Not only she has the beauty that makes wota think too pretty, i have 0 chance and the attitude i talk to her she will feel i weak and i will be rejected As a matter of fact, she is not the easy going type. Once again, there was a choice to make at the debut of ni wa Ai shikanai promotion. Either she would tone down, and hang over the cute field as a try, or she would pursue her character and definitively be recognized from it. canada goose outlet toronto factory Things have been decided during the queen (spicy) challenge when she ate a whole bowl of spicy tofu, to the point of crying right after. She doesn like spicy food, but she doesn like losing canada goose outlet factory even more. For the first time, Akanen stole the show through determination. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Jackets It was a significative impact. Imaizumi Yui was known as the best singer, Sugai Yuuka had this lady personality, Neru was the most intelligent and Yurina was the Wondergirl. Despite the minor drawback, Akanen stayed true to herself and showed her ferocious canada goose outlet germany competitive character. It was the best choice because no one in Keyakizaka had claimed the type Her individuality was set in stone, and it was just the beginning. There was no guarantee it would work, but Akanen took it anyway. Because it fits her the most. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose store the time comes to do it, i do canada goose outlet winnipeg address it. And canada goose outlet winnipeg when i do it, i win. Akanen canada goose store

Canada Goose Coats On Sale What became an hot canada goose outlet authentic topic was the famous sports festival episode, when Akanen was the captain of the team against Yuuka team. Akanen not only displayed her natural sense of competition but was also credited as viable leader, pumping up her team spirit and lifting their morale. In a young group as Keyakizaka, canada goose womens outlet a leader/sempai is often mandatory for the group cohesion. Throwing some taunts at the other team to make things funny, shaking her teammates up when they were questioning their ability to win, Joking with the MC to loosen up the tight atmosphere; once again Akanen shone in her natural environnement : competition. But what probably was the turning point was the last sprint against the second fastest member, Koyabashi Yui, where she managed to bite few meters on her but eventually lost by half a feet. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Outlet Not only you canada goose outlet real could feel from the canada goose outlet orlando screen she put everything on this sprint, raising the excitement to the max, but you also witnessed Akanen bursting into tears from losing to Yuipon. What could be seen as a bad loser attitude ( being fair play, you would shake hands with the winner) but in the canada goose outlet niagara falls case of Moriya, it was more of a genuine reaction for deceiving her teammates at the last second. Even though it was obvious she got paired up with the weakest members ( Yuuka team had Neru AND Koyabashi), even though she was like 6 meters behind, she blamed it all on herself. On her own incapacity to bring victory. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Parka Fans felt sympathy toward Akanen and praised her strong will. The cold, hard to approach Akanen vanished to make way to Akanen, the girl who do everything with passion. Her being fired up is actually fuel for others to do their best, https://www.canadagoosesale.info and her presence in Keyakizaka took another meaning. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose sale it for my beloved teammates, i will do everything Moriya Akane Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance sale She can be seen as harsch sometimes, but the one she the most severe with, is actually herself. Her strong will to win can be interpreted as a strong will to not disappoint those who believed in her. A strong character, is also someone people rely on. She want to be that kind of person to Keyakizaka46. During Sekai ni wa Ai shikanai, she didn remorse her position in second row, she accepted it. that place, i have a goal, a reason to move forward. is also a place i can learn a lot from She said. An humility, unfamiliar with people who are self centered. Akanen is not the kind of person who think of things as granted. She wants to earn things, with her own strength. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket It paid off. In Futari Saison, she finally became front row, increasing even further her visibility and popularity during keyaki single promotion. Sugai Yuuka, who will be promoted to captain, congratulated her for her senbatsu position and wrote canada goose outlet in canada that Akanen is an canada goose outlet london uk existence that put her at ease when confronting tense moment like live performance. sister Akanen was also a significant trait that made her being loved by teammates in backstage. At the time, the girls didn known each other very well, especially Hirate Yurina who was canada goose factory outlet the youngest. Akanen felt it was her responsability to canada goose outlet official make things easier and decided to break the ice by inviting Yurina to a canada goose outlet ottawa meal together. Little by little canada goose outlet in montreal everyone got along and the training room atmosphere got lively, thanks a bit to Akanen. Moriya Akane is working hard as an individual, canada goose outlet edmonton but isn neglecting teammates bond, which is essential for Keyakizaka unity. Akanen truly loves the group. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance Akanen is around, i allow myself to act like a spoiled child Techi canada goose clearance

canada goose Akanen is a lethal weapon, with great use of visual, sexiness and flawless smile. But she uses her ability to protect those canada goose outlet online she loves, canada goose outlet london being a reassuring older sister when members finish rehearsal and are exhausted, being a leader when the girls are canada goose parka outlet doubting. A versatile jack of all trades that allow Keyakizaka to hold it ground on a solid base. When you realize Moriya excel in visual but truly show her amazingness with her personality, you can help but be admirative. Keyaki is in good hands with her some fans on canada goose outlet usa the internet said. canada goose

canada goose uk outlet If she such a good leader, why isn she captain, you would say? Well another quality in Moriya, her to lose character doesn mean she crave for the spotlight as well. She has this self awareness that holds her from having bad decision that would disturb Keyakizaka balance. Sugai Yuuka, who she very close to, has a refined style that may suits more as a representative. Moriya natural strictness balance well with Yuuka natural sweetness. Together, they make the ultimate captaincy. Moriya is definitively canada goose outlet england a girl to look forward, either it about her, or her interaction within the group. As we speak, she Tier canada goose outlet store near me 2 (she solding out round 2 of handshake event, she still not fans top priority) but Akanen potential shows no boundaries. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose online Akanen is S, does that mean her fanbase are all M? LOL Oda Nana Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket Hero Corp et sa canadian goose jacket

canada goose factory sale Je sais que tout ne peut pas parfait, qu y a eu des sc vraiment cool dans le dernier esth et/ou canada goose uk site sc (ce mot n pas) parlant, la s qui perd son c manich l de John, la mort de Mary (qui tr belle voir), la d des sentiments entre Mental et Acid Man, la relation entre Elena et John, la fausse mort de Cecil canada goose outlet shop qui pour une fois dit pas que de la merde, les sc de baston, Kyle qui sauve le monde canada goose factory sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap Mais d autre c (j viens) J canada goose outlet canada l que cette saison n pas vraiment eu de milieu, en fait. Je veux dire, vu l des enjeux, aurait d install sur deux saisons, et l ce n pas vraiment le cas ( part pour le personnage Jacques Distinct, et encore). J surtout eu l qu passait d situation initiale (d un peu vague de base) canada goose outlet boston une situation finale sans vraiment de lien entre les deux. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale Huit m sembl un peu trop court pour boucler tout en fait (il y avait quand m un putain de canon de la mort point sur Terre !). Certains traitements trainaient canada goose outlet in uk en longueur, et d n pas assez d Comment est ce que MacCormac a pu cr acc une base sur la Lune? D sort ce putain de canon (il d l dans les flashbacks)?! En g j bien les trucs un peu absurdes, o on voit des choses qui sont l sans vraiment trop de raison (genre chauve souris Man), mais l quand m c un peu trop dingue. Ensuite, le traitement de Nacheem par les robots, surtout apr le cliffhanger de l 6, franchement Survol pour ainsi dire. Mais toujours plus d que ce qui est arriv Miss Moore, Jennifer et sa m (m en voyant la webs et Doug. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Online Je l d dit mais il s vraiment fait compl oubli Le build up autour de son clone n men rien (ou pas grand chose), on n eu aucune information sur quand il a clon probablement avant le d de la saison comme St mais m l n aucun sens, canada goose uk il s serait souvenu non? Pourtant il a vraiment l de ne pas comprendre devant le miroir (pourquoi sa plaque sur son d ?). Et je n canada goose outlet jackets vraiment pas eu le temps de voir ce qui s pass avec les autres et son double, tellement la sc se d en m temps d J envie de revoir cet (rien que pour Mary et Burtan) mais le traitement de Doug, au del de son absence de lien avec Klaus (ils quand m super proches), m tellement perturb que je n pas. Apr peut que sa mort n pas vraiment trait comme telle parce qu le revoit par la suite (enfin son clone) et pas seulement par manque de temps. (Entre parenth je n peut pas aussi mal l si la sc de fin avait dur un peu plus longtemps, parce que l canada goose outlet online store tout ce que je peux imaginer c que Klaus va passer sa vie reprogrammer un robot qui d Canada Goose Online

uk canada goose outlet Cette saison vraiment bien, ou du moins il y avait de bonnes canada goose outlet online uk id mais pas assez de temps pour les d int de voir l entre la saison 4 et celle ci, mais peut qu n avait pas les moyens. A mon sens une saison interm aurait bien uk canada goose outlet.

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